Orange, Watermelon and Cherry combined?
Lemonade? Strawberry? Now intertwined?!
Yep, those can be combos, plus lots more in a twist.
We'd name them all, but there’s too many to list.

Available size: 2.1 OZ Dispenser

Grape and strawberry nerds candy

Sweet little sparks don’t make you choose. These crunchy little guys all come in twos. Grape goes with strawberry, side by side. The most perfect combination you’ve ever tried.

Available size: 1.65oz single dual-chamber box, 5oz theater box,
& 12oz treat pack laydown bag

Watermelon and cherry nerds candy

Watermelon and Cherry get tasty high marks. They’re two of the best kinds of sweet little sparks. Watermelon is crunchy and full of sweet flavor while cherry is tart with a taste you can savor.

Available size: 1.65oz single dual-chamber box

Rainbow nerds candy Rainbow nerds candy

Pour out this box for a rainbow cascade. Strawberry, grape, orange and lemonade. Don’t forget watermelon, that sweet little spark. Each NERD has its sweet, tangy, crunchy hallmark.

Available size: 5oz theater box, Dessert Toppers 5.6oz stand-up bag

Sweet to eat and fun to share,
Those NERDS are a treat, anytime, anywhere.
NERDS Gummy Clusters, Big Chewy, NERDS Rope,
In all shapes and sizes that give all NERDS hope.
In addition to sweet, some are tangy to boot.
Crunchy, gummy and yummy, to NERDS we salute.
So shake, share and honor what makes each of us great,
And together as NERDS, let’s all celebrate!