• Curiosity NERD Text

    Pink is naturally curious. Constantly poking and prodding, looking for answers with every turn. They usually set up experiments and work hard to find the right solutions. Once they do, they’re big into celebrating.

    Curiosity NERD
  • Deep Thinking NERD Text

    Purple is quiet and introspective, but no less excited to solve problems than the others. They compute and consider, count and measure. They’re thoughtful and poignant, never rushing to conclusions.

    Deep Thinking NERD
  • Logic NERD Text

    Yellow is technically minded. They draw up blueprints, build precise models, and think everything through. They’re the planners of the bunch, never ready to go until everything is exactly right.

    Logic NERD
  • Creative NERD Text

    Red has a wild imagination, often cooking up creative ways to invent solutions. They make contraptions and gadgets, sometimes designing a big, elaborate way to solve a relatively small problem.

    Creativity NERD
  • Humor NERD Text

    Green is ready to make light of any situation, diffusing tension with laughter that’s never mean-spirited. Their physical humor and energy often give the other NERDS the confidence to work harder.

    Humor NERD
  • Spontaneity NERD Text

    Orange is the simplest of the NERDS. They’re reactive and shine in physical situations, athletic challenges, and split-second decisions. But with any bigger problems, they often have a funny, albeit too-simple solution.

    Spontaneity NERD

Sweet to eat and fun to share,
Those NERDS are a treat, anytime, anywhere.
NERDS Gummy Clusters, Big Chewy, NERDS Rope,
In all shapes and sizes that give all NERDS hope.
In addition to sweet, some are tangy to boot.
Crunchy, gummy and yummy, to NERDS we salute.
So shake, share and honor what makes each of us great,
And together as NERDS, let’s all celebrate!


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