Mouth-watering NERDS candy coated shells and fruity Mellowcreme centers meet … and make this festive and fun candy a joy to eat!

You’ll find delight in every bite with flavors like Strawberry shells with Strawberry/Grape inside, Strawberry Lemon shells with Blue Raspberry/Fruit Punch inside, Orange shells with Cherry/Watermelon inside and many more!

Available sizes: 4oz, 8oz, 10oz, 11oz and 15oz Laydown bags

Candy Corn Product

Perfect to share, crunchy rainbow NERDS and gummy centers make the best Halloween pair! Trick or Treat, NERDS brings you Gummy Clusters, sweet, fun and delicious to eat!

Available sizes: 6oz Laydown bag

Gummy Clusters

A NERDS delicious Variety bag, the best trick or treats you’ve ever had! Rainbow Gummy Clusters, fruity orange, lemon, grape and strawberry Big Chewy Nerds and Grape and Strawberry Mini Boxes galore…. the perfect treat to pick up at the store!

Available sizes: 57.1oz Stand-up bag

Nerds Trick Or Treat Bag

Sweet to eat and fun to share,
Those NERDS are a treat, anytime, anywhere.
NERDS Gummy Clusters, Big Chewy, NERDS Rope,
In all shapes and sizes that give all NERDS hope.
In addition to sweet, some are tangy to boot.
Crunchy, gummy and yummy, to NERDS we salute.
So shake, share and honor what makes each of us great,
And together as NERDS, let’s all celebrate!